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The team at All Island Dermatology in Garden City and Glen Cove, New York, knows that your life is busy and that it’s hard to find time for provider's appointments and follow-ups. That’s why we offer virtual office visits so you can check in with your provider over the phone via the Telehealth® app. Call us or book a virtual office visit online today.

Virtual Office Visit Q & A

What is a virtual office visit?

All Island Dermatology offers virtual office visits via the Telehealth app. A virtual office visit allows you to meet with your provider online using your smartphone or other electronic communication tools. Virtual office visits enable you to receive a medical diagnosis remotely from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

During a virtual office visit you can:

  • Get rapid advice for rashes, bites, minor burns, and other lesions
  • Get a diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Talk to your provider
  • Received personalized services from anywhere and at any time

You simply submit your case via the app, answering questions and uploading photos if needed. Your provider and health care team then review your case and respond with a diagnosis and advice.

Why should I opt for a virtual office visit?

The primary benefit of a virtual office visit is convenience. For example, if you have a day full of critical meetings or are traveling, you might not have time to make an appointment, let alone make it into the office. A virtual office visit can be completed anywhere.

You will save time and money by using virtual office visits. You won’t need to worry about securing child care or extra help to cover your other responsibilities. Please be aware though that virtual office visits are not covered by your health insurance.

If you have an emergency or need urgent attention, a virtual office visit isn’t the best way to talk to your provider. You should call the practice, explain your situation, and request a same-day appointment.

What should I expect during a virtual office visit?

When you have a virtual office visit, you log on to the app and answer a few questions about your condition and symptoms. You can also upload photos to send along with your case. Your provider reviews your case and responds with a diagnosis and treatment suggestions including prescriptions. After your provider’s initial response, you can use the electronic chat option to talk to your provider and health-care team and ask questions. Push notifications will keep you up to date with their responses.

If you want to know more about the virtual office appointments and Telehealth services at All Island Dermatology, call the practice or schedule a consultation online today.