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In-Office Prescriptions Specialist

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How many times have you delayed getting a prescription filled or not filled the prescription at all because you didn’t have time to make an extra trip to the pharmacy? All Island Dermatology has offices in Garden City and Glen Cove, New York, and offers in-office prescriptions for your convenience. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

In-Office Prescriptions Q & A

How do I benefit from in-office prescriptions?

The team at All Island Dermatology knows how busy you are and offers in-office prescription filling services for your convenience. The team has found that point-of-care dispensing increases prescription compliance while also enhancing patient convenience and satisfaction. The in-house prescription program provides a convenient option for you to receive your prescriptions at the time of your appointment.

Studies show that if you can pick up your prescription at the same time as your appointment, you’re more likely to take the medicine as directed. This also significantly reduces the risk of miscommunication or dispensing errors at outside pharmacies.

What is a dispensing physician?

A dispensing physician is certified to both prescribe medicines and provide them to patients. All Island Dermatology is proud of their achievement of being accredited by the Physician Dispensing Association (PDA) for point-of-care compounding. The accreditation recognizes their commitment to meet and exceed national quality standards.

All Island Dermatology demonstrated compliance with national standards to achieve accreditation, reflecting their dedication and commitment to meet and exceed standards which facilitate a higher level of performance for patient care. The Physician Dispensing Association (PDA) is an independent accrediting body that promotes quality, safe, and optimal outcomes of point-of-care dispensing through an accreditation process.

Where do the prescriptions come from?

All Island Dermatology has contracted with a United States-based FDA facility to design custom prescription medications. All medications are produced using FDA-approved National Drug Code ingredients. The dispensing physicians prepare these custom prescriptions specifically for your skin condition, and they can remove components that are known to be allergens or irritants. With this service, patients are reporting higher compliance, better outcomes, and increased satisfaction.

How do I pay for my prescriptions?

Unfortunately, the in-office prescription dispensing program can’t bill insurance. You can pay for your prescription when you check out after your appointment. The cost of the medicine is usually less than your copay, and you can use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to pay.

If you’re looking for a dermatology practice that puts your needs first and provides services such as in-office prescription dispensing for your convenience, call All Island Dermatology or schedule a consultation online today.

In-Office Prescriptions

In-Office Prescriptions