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All Island Dermatology

Dermatology and Cosmetic Center located in Garden City, NY & Glen Cove, NY

The team at All Island Dermatology in Garden City and Glen Cove, New York values the safety and well being of their patients. Given the continued surge of the Coronavrius, protecting your health and ensuring your safety are more important than ever. That’s why All Island Dermatology offers virtual office visits (i.e., Telehealth), which allow you to consult with your Provider remotely via your cell phone, table or PC.

Telehealth Q & A

What is a virtual office visit?

All Island Dermatology offers virtual office visits, which allow you to remotely video conference with your Provider online using your smartphone or other electronic communication tools, such as a tablet or PC. Virtual office visits enable you to receive a medical diagnosis and treatment plan remotely from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

During your virtual office visit you can:

  • Get rapid advice for rashes, bites, minor burns, and other lesions
  • Get a diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Talk to your provider
  • Receive personalized services from anywhere.

All Island Dermatology is currently conducting virtual office visits via FaceTime and Skype in conjunction with a secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that allows your Provider to access your healthcare record in real-time during your virtual visit.

Why should I opt for a virtual office visit?

Telehealth services ensure that you remain healthy and safe while helping to mitigate the spread of the virus during this difficult time.

The virtual office visit also provides convenience. For example, if you’re home-bound or want to minimize your time in public surroundings, the virtual office visit is the ideal solution.

With Telehealth you won’t need to worry about securing child care or extra help to cover your other responsibilities. Though Telehealth services typically aren’t covered by insurance, Medicare and some private insurance companies have relaxed their restrictions during this pandemic. We suggest you call your insurance company to see if your Telehealth visit is covered.

If you have an emergency or need urgent attention, an in-person office visit might be required. To be sure, please call the office, explain your situation, and schedule an appointment, if necessary.

What should I expect during a virtual office visit?

Sometime before your virtual visit, you will need to download the FaceTime app (Apple devices) or Skype app (Android devices). Once downloaded, just call the All Island Dermatology office to schedule your Telehealth session. You can then consult with one of our Providers via video conference, just like you would during an in-office visit.

During your virtual office visit your Provider will use our EHR system to securely access your healthcare record and view your medical history, including past and current medications, surgical procedures, treatment plans, immunization records, lab results, and more.

If you want to know more about virtual office appointments (i.e., Telehealth) at All Island Dermatology, please call the practice, or schedule a consultation online today.